So recently I signed up to take part in 30 Days Wild for the month of June. I heard about it on Twitter, and it seemed like a good idea. Being outdoors is supposed to be good for you, and what with work, theatre and various exhibitions I spend the majority of my time indoors.

The website has lots of ideas and suggestions of things to do this month, and it’s definitely worth checking out.

I’ve written up a diary of the first third of my month – I spent much of it on holiday but I still didn’t manage to get in as much “wildness” as I probably should have. Still, I made a little effort.

1 June
I had a really busy day and almost forgot about the challenge, but at the last minute I remembered and took some time to smell the rose that’s been on my mantelpiece for nearly a month. It means a lot to me, because I took it from the stage of the Globe theatre after the last ever performance of their two-year world touring production of Hamlet, and I probably should have pressed it while it’s still fresh, because as it is I’m going have to try and figure out another way to preserve it. In any case, it still retains some of its scent, and it was a useful reminder to “stop and smell the roses” every once in a while.

2 June
I was going to a concert after work, and decided to get the tube part of the way and walk the rest. My walk took me about twenty minutes. I suppose some people would say that walking through central London isn’t their idea of fun, but I like it, and I think the fresh air did me some good.

3 June
I had a busy day but I went to the theatre in the evening, and on the way back took the time to look around me at the rather rural tube station to see what I could see. Sadly the greenery surrounding me was more triggering to my hayfever than anything else, but at least I tried.

4 June
Today I travelled to Cirencester to meet my parents and go home with them. While I was waiting for them to arrive I headed to the local museum where there was a relaxing Roman-style garden. On the way home, we stopped off to meet their friends, who live by a canal in the Midlands. It was beautiful, but then my mam got bitten on the leg by some random creature – a timely warning of the dangers of the outdoors.


Roman garden

5 June
I was exhausted today and spent the day inside, so my search for wildlife was pretty much restricted to looking through Twitter at pretty photos of birds.

6 June
Today I spied the wagtail that has made a habit of visiting my parent’s garden. My dad has named him Will the Wagtail. My mam keeps calling him Willy Wagtail but my dad keeps correcting her.

7 June
I spent the majority of today at the hairdresser, followed by a trip to the local pub quiz with my parents, so not much time for “wildness” today. However, I got hold of some of my favourite childhood Enid Blyton books that happen to feature birds, animals, flora and fauna and wildlife generally – does that count?

8 June
Today we went to Seaham and enjoyed the bracing air and the sea view. I have to say though that my favourite part of the trip was the ice cream parlour, ‘Lickety Split’. This is super popular in the summer, with queues stretching a long way down the road, but luckily we went on a chilly June weekday afternoon and got served pretty quickly.



9 June
My mam and I went for a little walk this morning: there’s a rather strange building in the village with a charity shop on the ground floor and a room full of old photos. It was actually quite a nice day, weather-wise, which made a change.

10 June
Okay, so I failed miserably today. I didn’t do much at all except sit around reading books, few if any of which had an outdoor theme. Oh well, there’s still the rest of the month.

Looking back on the first ten days, I’m actually surprised at how little time I spend considering the outdoors and at how difficult it was for me to fit anything related to “wildness” into my life. It’s something to think about and something to address during the rest of the month.