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2015-04-30 17.28.46

I popped into this exhibition at the Barbican after seeing a matinee there. Magnificent Obsessions: The Artist as Collector showcases the personal collections of a number of different artists.

I whizzed through this exhibition quite quickly; some exhibitions make me pause and reflect and examine each exhibit in minute detail, but this wasn’t one of them. Having said that, it did get me thinking about how artists are inspired by the things they collect. Andy Warhol’s collection of packaging and brands clearly inspired his famous pop-art works, while Damien Hirst’s art was clearly influenced by his varied collection of taxidermy. Looking at this exhibition was something of a guilty pleasure: I am one of those people who likes “things” so seeing collections like this helps to justify my obsession in my own mind. Even though I don’t have the space for a collection of any kind…