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Dennis Hopper: The Lost Album is the exhibition that opens the Royal Academy of Art‘s new Burlington Gardens space. It includes photographs by Dennis Hopper, an actor who shot to fame with roles in films such as Apocalypse NowEasy Rider and Blue Velvet. I have to admit that I had never heard of him – either as an actor or as a photographer – but I thought that the exhibition, covering the life of the star in the 1960s, would be an interesting one.

It certainly is fascinating to explore the world of American life and culture in the 1960s, one of the most momentous decades for social and political change in history. The pictures capture the worlds of Hell’s Angels and hippies, the Civil Rights movement, stars of film, fashion and music, and the urban landscapes of the US.

Unfortunately though, the exhibition was incredibly expensive and I don’t honestly feel that it was worth it. RA exhibitions are expensive anyway, but I normally feel as if a lot of work has gone into them. These photographs were presented with little explanation and few captions. I don’t feel that the exhibition was worth the price paid, even though I did enjoy it. If you do think you might be interested, the exhibition closes this weekend so hurry.