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St Leonard’s Church

A couple of weeks ago I attended a rather unusual theatre performance called Sun. I have reviewed the theatrical experience, but I wanted to write something about the location, as it was rather an unusual one.


Sign proclaiming the performance of Sun

St Leonard’s Church, Shoreditch, has a long and distinguished history. There has been a church on the site for centuries, and it has been known as the actors’ church since the twelfth century, with the first English theatre located close by in New Inn Yard. Several of Shakespeare’s plays had their first performances there, and many of his associates are buried in the medieval church under the crypt: James Burbage, who built the first English theatre; his son Cuthbert, who built the Globe; and his other son Richard, the most famous actor of his time who was the first Macbeth, Hamlet, King Richard III, Othello and Romeo. A stone inside the church records this.



Also notable within the church is art, including this picture.


In the entrance, while waiting to go in to the performance, I had a look around and found even more interesting things, including an Alice in Wonderland-esque door and what looked like some stocks.





Looking out into Shoreditch from the church’s doorway